Mary Clarke to

Edward Clarke

12th January 1702


I have given each of your children a New Year gift as you ordered me and according to my maxim they being all one mans children made them all alike by giving them half a ginney a peece for which they all returned you theyr thankes and I think the dispossishion should always be so, unless by any ways or means either of them have merritted more or less; I heartily wish you would loose as little time as possoble in the inquierry after a scoole, for really it makes those few dark coler haires I had left in my head grow as white as a sheet to see 3 children grown men and women and apley themselfes to nothing that is usefull to them selfes or others which is an ill example to the other that are younger, and I would faine have them use theyr time to better advantage it being impossoble for me to live so long as they, to be allways redy to subpley them with meat drink and mony when ever they shall want it, without any care or industry of theyr own to get it which I heartily wish was more that am your affectionate and faithful wife

M Clarke

We have had so much wett ever since you went hence that we are almost drounded without dores and within My 2 poor little boys have bin very diligent in wrighting theyr letters and sealing them with theyr own seales which they are in great hopes you will accept with theyr humble duty and thanks.