Edward Clarke to

John (Jack) Clarke

London 20th March 1705

Deare sonn

Pray doe not think that my soe long silence after haveing recd severall letters from you is through want of any affection or kindness towards you, but purely want of health and other accidents that have prevented me.

Yr great industry and good behavior in Mr Chitty and Mr St Quintins business (wch I have verie good account) are great obligations upon mee to doe all that a tender and most affectionate father can doe for you, and I rejoyce in ye welfare and prosperity as one of the greatest blessings I enjoy.

I have by this post writt to Mr Chitty to continue to supply you with all things necessary, and he will likewise by this post, or soon after, receive my part of the contract executed, whereby you are placed wth him for five yeares to commence from about the time you came first to him, but wee not knowing the certain day made it bear date the 13th of Aprill last, that being the day of ye month upon which yr mother and I were marryed and I hope it will prove a fortunate day to you, soe that one year of yr time is allready verie neare expired and the rest I hope you will pass through with cheerefullness and satisfaction, which, as it will bee the greatest advantage to yr selfe, soe it will be the greatest comfort to mee imaginable.

Yr mother sends you her blessing and designes you a present of a watch with ye first opportunity, yr brothers and sisters and all the rest of yr relations and friends desire to be kindly remembered to you wch with hearty prayers for yr health and happiness concludes this from Yr truly affectionate father

Edw Clarke