Paul D'Aranda Jnr* to

Edward Clarke

22nd June 1705

Dear sir

When I lately advised you of your son's indisposition I had not ye least thoughts of being so soon obliged to write you about his death. He had at ye beginning no more than an ague every other day and no manner of danger was seen either by ye Dr or anyone else till the last day or two when it changd into a fever and he had fainting fitts which so weaknd him that it was resolved another Doctor should be fetchd who then have no hopes of him. I can assure you he had as much attendance as it had been at yr house. I sat up with him ye greatest part of ye last night of his illness when he desired me that he might be buried in England.

P. d'Aranda

* Paul D'Aranda 1652 - 1712 grandson of Rev Elie D'Aranda, the minister of the French church in Southampton, and son of Paul D'Aranda 1625 -1669, merchant.