Mary Clarke to

Edward Clarke

Sutton 20th August 1675

my deare husband

I returne you my hearty thanks for sending Hugh to me that I might heare how you have done ever since you left Sutton and I am extremely sorry to understand by him and your letter that you have bin soe much troubled with the paine of the head but I hope you will be perfectly recovered at your returne which may be sooner than the time you have opoynted for I cannot posibly live any longer without the sight of him that is Most Deare to me and thearefore pray make all the hast you can to dispach you buisness; give me leave to tell you that there is no Hors to be got that is fit for your use but I heare that there is a very great hors faire at Glastonbury about a fortnight hence wheare you can hardly miss of one to serve your accasions; I wish I could know your mind concerning the hors thear but that is impossible and thearefor I must content myself till I see you and in the meantime I subscribe myselfe my dear Neddy your affectionate wife and faithfull friend

Mary Clarke

I am just going to bead and I wish I had your pickter to pin at my beadshead till I could have the substance