Edward Clarke to

John Locke

Taunton 22nd July 1693

dear sir

This morning I received (by the hands of one Mr Babb, a bookseller here) your Book of Education for Madam, which I will deliver to her this evening but I hear nothing of any more of them from Mr Churchill. The printing of that book is certainly a great service to the public, and a particular obligation on all that are, or shall be parents of children. But the dedication of the book to so inconsiderable a person as I am in the world will I doubt very much prejudice it. But the extraordinary honour you have done me therein, and the particular great friendship you have thereby (as well as in all other instance ever since I had the happiness of your acquaintance) manifested towards me and my family, is ever to be acknowledged and remembered with all the testimonies that a grateful sense of them can produce from Your most truly affectionate, most faithful and obliged servant,

Edw Clarke