Mary Clarke to

Edward Clarke

29th December 1694

my deare

I am more concerned for the Queens illness then I can express being full of thought of the dismall consiquences that may atend it and am allsoe full of hopes and feares what the newe of the next post may be I pray God it may be the best if it be his blessed will. I did not write to you by the last post haveing the poore folkes and worke folkes to provide for which hindred me but by the post before I did with one inclosed to Mrs Henman to by me 2 peeces of sleasy1 dioper2 to send in the box with the tippett but if it came to late or be any ways inconvenient pray lett it alone till I come my selfe and pardon all the other trobles given you by your truley affecttionate and faithfull wife

M Clarke

  1. Sleasy - Silesia cloth, a superior linen fabric made in Prussia
  2. Diaper - linen fabric with small diamond pattern