Edward Clarke to

Mary Clarke

London 7th February 1695

my deare

You make mee soe many compliments for procureing the things you desiered mee to buy for you and yr children, that you thereby putt me almost out of countenance, which I thought I should never have been in ye performance of my duty; a principle part of wch as long as I live shall be to serve you cheerefully in all things wch shall bee in my power, and to take all the care I can to provide for my children, and therefore I desire you for the future, that when ever you give mee an opportunity to expresse my reall affection and freindship towards you by performing yr desires, you will not lessen the obligation by makeing excuses for ye trouble you thinke you give mee therein; I blesse God Ward is well and presents his duty to you, and soe is our little girle at Ditton, John Spreat was this day there to see her, and assures mee shee is a verie fine lively lusty child.

Ed Clarke