Mary Burges to

Edward Clarke

September 1695

honrd sir

Mr Spreit haveing given you an account last post, I think it now an indispensable duty in me to let you have a just account of Mrs Clarks condition who though shee continues extream weak yet the Drs give us great hopes yt time may remove her distemper, the greatest trouble shee now labours under is an extream paine in her stomack wch seems to overcom her at fitts the Dr say tis a kind of a convulsion in her stomack for wch he gives her frequently some powders wch he says is in order to remove it tis as he says a sharp humor in her stomack wch occasions this paine and what he has given seems to give check to it espetiall when shee getts sleep after wch she has some ease and quiet the Dr came heer Fryday night and has bin heer till Monday morning he says these powders being often repeated will proove the best allay and tis given in order to soften the humors and prepaire the body for a gentle purge wch he has ordered to be given her 2 or 3 days hence I find he acts very cautiously in all his methods and does not follow her with many medicents wch he says doe more harm then good he forbids beer as the most pernicious to begett or increase the sharp humor in her stomack wch he says is partly from salt humors her face was once swolen and a great spitting wch he says falls into her stomack and affects yt part, he says the paine will return at times till after the purge wch he hopes may remoove it. I desired Dr Musgrove to tell me seriously what he apprehends of her condition he sd he could not for the present see any cause to beleeve she would dy unless any unexpected alteration should hapen I find shee often thinks of you and wishes yr helth and affairs could admitt yr coming and yt you will so dispose of yr concerns yt nothing but urgent occasions may cause a delay and I beleeve yr presence will be her best cordiall this is the truest account I can give at present and hope you will not question but yt all endeavers by me and all yt are concernd about her shall to their utmost be performd with all sincerity whose helth is most pationatly desiered by Honrd Sr Your faithfull servant M Burges

Mary Burges

Mrs Venor gives her service to you shee has bin heer ever since Mrs Clarks great illness and intends to stay if able till you come home.

The Dr says after the purging is over and her stomak cleard of this humor then other methods are to be used he has put a plaister to her stomack of galbinum* and other things her vomiting is stopt.

Pray pardon this scrible

* Galbunum - gum resin from ferula galbunflua - used as antispasmodic expectorant and external rubefacient.