Mary Burges to

Edward Clarke

11th September 1695

honrd sir

Mrs Clark being much out of order and unfitt to write last post was loth my hand should be seen least you should be frighted thinking her distemper would have worn of again haveing only some fainty cold sweets but afterward was perswaded to let us send for Dr Smyth who though fitt to let her blood and shee seemd better but yesterday shee was extreamly ill in a miscarying condition very often fainting away Mr Smyth is now with her applying those things yt he sees nesicary for her he says he has hopes yt when shee has miscaryed things may do well againe but Mrs Elin says shee never saw her so ill in all her life, I mightyly repent I had not writ to you last post but Mrs Clarks reasons prevailed too farr with me she ernestly longs to see you I hope youl pardon this freedom yt I tell you so plainly for we cant but be ectreamly concerned to see her so very ill,

I am Sr yr humble servant

Mary Burges

I have endeavord but cant prevaile to have any other Dr sent for though we have mentioned severall but she is very averse she is very sencible of all yt is done to her and of what she takes Mrs Clarke says if you are not perfectly well shee would not have you put yr selfe in the least dainger to come to her it would afflict her more then yr absence for shee hopes she may be better before you.