John Locke to

Mary Clarke

London 9th November 1695


I was very glad to see Mr Clarke last night returned safe to town with other looks in his face and a lesse weight on his heart than when I last parted with him here at his goeing out of it. It was welcome news to me to receive from him an assurance that you were upon your legs again, and such an account of your health, which though yet distant from your former strength, yet I conclude there is noe more required to bring you to it again but a little time, and a little care in the management of yourself. He tells me your legs are a little apt to swell sometimes. You know I am not a man very fond of wine, and therefore I may be trusted when I advise it. I think it very necessary in your present case to drink a small glass of good wine once or twice a day, and I think it would be best warmed. Set a little silver cup to the fire till it be very hot, pour your glass of wine into it, and pour it back presently. This will warme it without wasting the spirits, and thus drunk it will comfort your stomach, strenthen your spirits, and hasten your recovery. For you want a restorative diet, little and good and oft, and if in convenient cases you use nutmeg and other spices more plentifully than you used to doe it will not be hurtful to you. I know I am at a distance and that under the care of so good a physician as you have my advice is needlesse. But where one has great concern I find one cannot be wholly silent. I return you my thanks for your kind letter by Mrs Burgess's hand. I hope some time or other to convince you that your obleiging invitations are not lost upon me. I wish you a daily increase of your health, and am, Madam, your most humble and most obliged servant,

John Locke

Pray give me leave to present my service to Mrs Burgess and the little ones. Though I have not had the leisure to-day, yet it will not be long before I visit Miss Nanny.