Mary Clarke to

Edward Clarke

Chipley 17th June 1696

my deare

I receved yours and am very thankfull to you and Mr Lock for visitting poore Jenney but am heartily sorry to heare she is soe backward of her feet and soe far gone in the ricketts, I could wish now, (if it was to any purpose) that I had had her home the last summer, but I hope change of ayre now and the jumblinge of the cotch may be some thinge for her advantage and that in time she will recover agen, if that weekness of one side more then the other be not accationed by a fall or any other accident; Sammy goes very weekly still for one of his age, though he is visibley stronger and better since Babett went away; I am cheefe nurss now my selfe and with the helpe of every one in the house in theyr turnes, I phancey the children doe better then when she was heare and had nothinge to doe but look after them, for then they had a great many falls and accidents, and now they have few or none; I doe for the generallity dress and undress them all 3 my selfe and look to them all the day after, they being all the company I keepe, and devertion I take; and they all 3 lye in my chamber, I haveing to beads theare besides my owne, the 2 boys have laine theare from the very night you went hence, and Molly from the time Babett went, for when they are under the roofe with me I love best to be wheare they are night and day, for I find then they doe best; and if they was all at home I beleve I must make my bead in the Great Hall, and have soe many little beads as I have children sett up all round about and then to lye downe in peace and quiettness in the midst of them with a prospectt of theyr all doeing well; who could be more happy then I, espeshally when I should thinke you would be pleased with the sight alsoe.

I humbly thanke you for the hamper of things you have send me out of towne and Mr Freake in a perticuler manner for his kind present and all other his great kindnesses to you and mee which I must ever acknowledge I find you have

mentioned a great many things that are in the hamper but have send nothinge of the Hungary water, chocolett and storgion which makes me feare it is forgott the 2 for I have a great vallew for finding a great deale of good in my extreem weekness by the Hungary water and since in the chocolett, which I really thinke now doss much increase my stomack; I will delever the booke you mentioned to John Spreat when it comes.

Mary Clarke