Edward Clarke to

John Spreat

London 28th February 1699


There is hardly any lettr you write to me that I can (without prevaricating or downright denying the truth) avoyd shewing my wife; neither is there indeed any lettr whatever wch I desire should bee concealed from her, or kept from her knowlidge; yett since shee is pleased to enter into the consideration of my affayres in generall, and to give me her kind advise and assistance in the conduct of them, my request therefore to you is, that to the end she may be the better able to judge right in anything that is materiall for the future to be directed you will write as fully on the subject, whatever it shall be, as you can; and I desire you particularly to represent (as fully as you can) the necessity of a care of those defects in the stoneworks of the house represented in yr late letr to me upon that subject, in order to preserve the whole, and this I desire to be done to no other end, but that my wife may be the better satisfied in undergoing the trouble that will be neessarily occasioned in the cureing thereof, and to the end there may be no other interpretation hereafter put on this lettr of mine (in case it should fall into any other hands then yours) than is really intended by me I desire when you have read it over, and digested my true meaning herein, wch I presume you will easily collect, without my using more words, I desire you to burn it and take no notice at all of what I have written on this subject to any body living : I am yr reall freind

Edw Clarke