reredos The Altar was a purpose built table. The slab top is constructed from a tropical hardwood. The frieze contains richly carved roses, lilies and foliage. The top rests on pillars with the capitals carved with roses, lilies and foliage. The pillars and pilasters are constructed from macassar ebony; the frieze and capitals are of a fruitwood (or possibly lime). The style of the carving is similar to that of Mr Seymour of Taunton who also carved the chancel wallplate and the reredos.

The relatively modern reredos (1871) on the east wall is in three parts. On each north and south, are lovely enamel paintings on opaque glass; they were made and burnt in by Messrs. Powell of London in 1871 and are some of his earliest work. These panels numbered 21 in his order book and in total he made 968. The one on the right is listed as ‘Walk to Emmaus’ and depicts Jesus and Peter and the one on the left is ‘Feeding My Lambs’. They were designed by Holiday and cost 6 guineas in total. They were ordered on 11th October 1871 and were some of the earliest work of this sort that Powell produced.

The bas-relief in the centre is of the Ascension and was carved by Mr Seymour of Taunton.