Prior to the reformation in 1530, Nynehead had only one bell and this was rung three times at the Elevation of the Host in order to let the people in the village know that the most important moment of the mass had arrived.

THE TREBLE BELL is 29¼ inches in diameter and was cast by J.Taylor and sons of Loughborough. The inscription reads "The worshippers in this church put me here in 1907. VicarH.C.Launder M.A. Churchwardens James Bailey, and E.C.A.Sanford C.M.G. It is tuned to D and weighs 5¼. cwt.".

THE SECOND BELL is 30½ inches in diameter and is marked "ANNO DOMINI 1630". Richard and Roger Purdue of Stoford and Glastonbury cast this bell. Stoford is near Yeovil. It is tuned to C and it weighs 5 cwt.

THE THIRD BELL is 32½ inches in diameter and is marked Thomas Shippeard C/W. I.P.Exon 1661. John Pennington of Exeter cast this bell. His mark is well authenticated and this is the only bell made by him now existing in the county. Its' note is B and it weighs 6 ¼. cwt.

THE FOURTH BELL is 35½ inches in diameter and is marked "ANNO DOMINI 1630" and was cast by Richard and Roger Purdue of Stoford.. Its' note is A and it weighs 8 cwt

THE FIFTH BELL is 39 inches in diameter and is marked "Recast by J.Taylor of Loughborough in 1894. ANNO DOMINI 1622 R.P." It is tuned to G and it weighs 10¾.cwt


THE TENOR BELL. This pre-reformation bell is still in the tower and was cast by Thomas Geffries in about 1500. This is the only known bell where the founder used capital letters throughout. Thomas Geffries was Sheriff of Bristol in 1525 and died in 1545. It was the custom in those days to cast the bells in the churchyard. At the reformation bells were broken up for the metal, but it is said that this bell was buried in the churchyard, then some years later it was dug up and restored to the tower. The inscription on the bell reads: - "Sanctus Maria Ora pro Nobis" (Holy Mary pray for us). This bell is 44 inches in diameter and weighs about ¾ of a ton and is tuned to F.