We are not sure what type of roof the church had prior to the late 17th century but in the churchwarden accounts of 1678 tiles were purchased for the roof e.g.

[1678] Pd William Oath for six tousand and halfe of Tile Stones at 3s 6d by ye Tousand. £1 2s 9d
  pd for carriage of ye same £1 19s 0d
  pd John Buryman for Tyling ye church 3 weeks and 3 days £1 10s 0d
  pd to John Fursland for tending and working the stones 3 weeks and 3 days £1 6s 3d
  pd our boy 15 days work for making of mortar and carrying stones   13s 9d


The present roof is of slate with lead gulleys and flashing.