EAST WINDOW (South aisle)

The East window, the "All Saints" window, is in the south transept, between the Locke and Clarke memorials. Made by by Mr. Drake of Exeter it contains one female figure in the top left hand corner which is 15th century. The remainder of the window is a copy of the original that was in a state of disrepair.

east window

The Saints shown down the window from left to right are: St. Matthew with a collecting box, St. Philip with a crossed staff, St. Stephen with stones, St. Bartholomew with a butchers knife, St. Andrew with cross saltire, St. Paul with a sword and book, St. Peter with keys and book, St. Simon with a saw, St. John with an eagle and chalice, St. James the Great with crossed staff and flask, St. Thomas with a spear, St. Jude or Thaddeus with a club, St. Matthias with an axe and St. James the Lesser with a club. The small female saints are:- St. Margaret killing the dragon, St. Barbara with the tower and palm, St. Catherine with a sword and wheel , two unidentified saints and St. Cecilia.