In 1912 it was said;

"Until quite recently the North side of the Nave had two ugly domestic windows, brought from a neighbouring house. These were taken out and two windows similar to that in the tower were put in instead."

north window

It appears as if the north wall was in fact rebuilt at this time, as the stonework is very regular, although some older stone carvings were obviously used as well. In 1936 the windows had stained glass inserted.

  1. St. Paul, bearded and wearing red and green robes.
  2. St. Clement of Alexandria wearing a crossed stole.
  3. St. Augustine of Hippo, mitred and robed.
  4. John Wycliffe, bearded and wearing a brown robe with fur collar and hat.
  5. St. Francis of Assisi, bearded and in a brown habit.
  6. Dante in a brown garment and hat.

north window