St James window Mary Magdalene window


The St. James and the Mary Magdalene windows and the one on the west wall date from 1850 and are by Mr. Toms of Wellington. Mr. Toms' organ and stained glass works was on the corner of the High Street and South Street in Wellington.

Below is an image of the third window on the right of the south wall in memory of the Stanhope family which contains some fine old glass. This window is a domestic window presented to the church in 1850 by Lady Caroline Anne Stanhope, second wife of Edward Sanford (1841). Mr. Toms repaired the Royal Coat of Arms of Elizabeth 1st in the Stanhope window. The remainder of the window is of the Elizabethan period (16th century) or earlier. The right hand panel of the window shows a red dragon. Elizabeth 1 was the last monarch to have this. After her reign the Unicorn was substituted.

Stanhope window

The brothers and sisters of Lieutenant John Ayshford Sanford had a memorial window placed in the west wall of the south transept, when he died at Portsmouth aged 26 years in 1851. [Awaiting image.]