For all enquiries about Nynehead C.C. please contact Keith Haslam [01823] 461667. The Club is active and has its own clubhouse and pitch near Nynehead at Ham, about 400 yards N.W. of the A 38 at Chelston. Use the Googlemap below to locate it. Click +/- to zoom in/out. Zooming straight in will land you on the Nynehead cricket pitch. To be sure you are there, after 3 clicks on + the pitch should be recognisable just to the right of the name HAM as a dark green square with pale centre square. Watch that spot! After the next click the name HAM will disappear and the club house should be identifiable in the southern corner of the cricket ground.

{mosmap|width='100%'|height='400'|centerlat='50.9875'|centerlon='-3.2010'|zoomtype='3D-small'|zoom='14'|mapType='Hybrid'|showMaptype='1'|overview='0'|text='Nynehead Cricket Ground' }