Nynehead Community Fund

This small fund came into being following the second community play put on at Nynehead Court by local people with the help of Actiontrack Performance Company. It was founded by Denis Dodd in memory of his wife, Jenny, who was instrumental in acquiring grants to fund the play. Nynehead Community Fund helps a club or society that has already been set up and has appointed officers, by advancing a small LOAN to the group for any of the following:

  1. Purchase a piece of equipment i.e. matched funding loan
  2. Sending someone on a relevant training course e.g. Health and Safety course
  3. To help them acquire access to other funding grants

Officers of the club / society are required to sign a loan agreement which gives details of the loan repayment including length of time and amount to be repaid per annum. The sums available are relatively small. No interest is charged on any loan.

Community Fund Enquiries

Sheila Rabson
01823 666609