church house


According to Jeboult, in 1873 a new vicarage was built in a field to the North East of the Church, which in fact is at the top of Nynehead hollow. Prior to this new vicarage, the vicarage was the thatched house adjacent to the present school. In this picture of Nynehead Court from 1796, there is a large Church House in the paddock next to the graveyard.

From a picture of the church and Nynehead Court in 1859 it appears as if the church-house was to the east of the church. In the church-wardens accounts of the late 17th century there are many entries for the repair of the church house which at that time had an earth floor.

Andrew Cross for carriage of earth for ye Church-house floor 6d
pd for beating it up 6d

Lime was also used on the floor e.g.

pd James Webber for Lyme used about the Church-house floors

The roof was thatched e.g. 1670 reed and spars were purchased and a thatcher employed to repair the Church House roof.

In 1677 the annual rent for the church-house was 1 shilling i.e. 5p.