A survey by Edmund Rack in the 1780's gives a full description of the church, much of which we would recognise today. However, there were differences: Inside the church there was a singing gallery at the west end under the tower, and a pulpit and a reading desk, all of "neat panelled wainscot". The church was not kept in a good condition. The communion table was covered with "an old wormeaten blue cloth fringd white", while the floor, comprised of mixed bricks and stone was "not damp but kept dirtily".

One hundred years later the church looked very different. The singing gallery had been removed and an organ had been installed in 1821 under the tower, which was later to be removed to the present position after the Sanford extension had been built. Today the interior of the church is one of the gems of the county, reflecting the influence of the successive owners of the Court and of the craftsmen and artists used through the ages.