In a drawing of the church by Wheatley in 1838, the north wall beside the tower contained a door and two rather ugly domestic windows. However in 1912 on a visit by the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society they were told that;

“Until quite recently the north side of the nave had two ugly windows, brought from a neighbouring house. These were taken out and two windows of similar style to those in the tower replaced them”

Wheatley drawing

It appears that the north wall was in fact rebuilt at that time as the stonework is very regular in shape and the door was also removed. In order to give the impression of age some older figures in sandstone have been placed on either side of the windows. Also in the drawing by Wheatley a boiler house chimney can be seen. The cross on the gable end is clearly visible on the roof at the back of the Sanford chapel in the photograph shown below taken in 2004, as well as the changes to the structure made by the addition of the Sanford Chapel and raising of the roof.

Wheatley photo