This page depends on timely and accurate information being provided by YOU! First, contact the relevant authority listed below. Then add any information and advice in place of “no problems reported”. When appropriate, replace your alert with the “no problems reported” message.

IF IN DOUBT PHONE 999! Remember; 999 includes FIRE, POLICE and AMBULANCE. The following numbers are to report an EMERGENCY ONLY.

  • FLOODING ring 08459 88 11 88
  • HIGHWAYS ring 08457 50 40 30
  • RAILWAY ring 0845 711 4141
  • POWER LINES ring 0800 356 900
  • NATIONAL EMERGENCIES ring 0870 241 4680

There are 7 roads in and out of the Parish numbered clockwise on the map above at their intersections with the parish boundary. The 5 intersections of these roads within the parish are lettered. Thus any stretch of road within the parish can be identified e.g. 1a, 7e etc. Where problems are known to exist beyond the parish, that will be shown by a + sign. Thus, as is often the case, were the road to Bradford to be impassable that would be shown as 3+. The numbers on the grid lines conform to those on Ordnance Survey maps.