• To collate an up to date list of all members in the scheme (to include telephone, fax, Email details and consider including details of any other assistance they can give with copying etc)
  • To convene and 'chair' scheme meetings as and when the need arises (3-4 times per year).
  • To attend Beat or Sector meetings as appropriate.
  • To be responsible for the collection and handling of all monies associated with the scheme and to keep records of same (unless a Treasurer is appointed to do this).
  • To liaise with the respective Beat Manager and/or Watch Scheme Administrator on all matters which give rise for concern.
  • To be responsible for the completion and submission of 'Data Protection Audit forms' or 'performance indicators'.
  • To disseminate information and newsletters as and when requested.
  • To promote Crime Prevention in the scheme/area (ie Postcoding, checking home security, not to leave obvious signs of absence, not to leave items in vehicles.
  • To encourage all homes in their area of responsibility to exhibit Neighbourhood Watch and Postcoded stickers.
  • To encourage new residents to join the scheme.
  • To encourage non participants to join the scheme.


Many schemes also have a Deputy Co-ordinator registered with the Watch Scheme Office. Such a deputy can assist with any of the Co-ordinator duties by mutual arrangement within the scheme.

Additionally when the Co-ordinator is due to be away from home, a simple call to the Watch Scheme Office can ensure that messages are forwarded to the Deputy Co-ordinator for that period of time.

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