Find out more about places of interest within the Parish of Nynehead

  • A view of Nynehead Fruit Farm can be seen behind a field of yellow flowers.

    East Nynehead

    Many of the Parish’s most beautiful walks begin in East Nynehead, and amongst the rolling hills, where most of the land is either arable or pasture, lies a picturesque fruit farm.

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  • Teardrop shaped bushes lining a path leading up to a large house

    Nynehead Court

    Nynehead Court, formerly the Manor House, is a Grade II listed 17th century building that dates back to 737 AD. It is now a privately owned residential care home.

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  • An old stone bridge lies beyond a grassy field, three arches cross the river,

    Three Arch Bridge

    Nynehead’s Three Arch Bridge crosses the River Tone about half a mile South of Nynehead Court. It was designed by Thomas Lee and built in 1817.

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  • An old stone bridge over the River Tone

    The Canal

    The Grand Western Canal in Nynehead was first opened in 1838. Much of the original infrastucture remains, including one of the first boat lifts to operate in Britain.

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  • A road runs through the high, red, rocky walls of Nynehead Hollow.

    Nynehead Hollow

    The Nynehead Hollow is one of the most memorable landmarks in the village. A road that has been roughly carved through solid rock, with high walls and trees growing above.

    Nynehead Hollow
  • A large wooden play structure in a recreational field.

    Jubilee Playing Field

    The Nynehead Jubilee Playing Field is a large playground & recreational area within the village, with facilities for everyone in the community.

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  • A map showing the Parish of Nynehead and all rights of way

    Rights of Way

    “If you haven’t been out on Nynehead’s footpaths lately then you are missing a treat!”
    Colin Spackman, Previous Footpath Liaison Officer

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Gallery Photography by Mark Greenslade & Rachael Ball Risk