East Nynehead

Many of the Parish’s most beautiful walks begin in East Nynehead, and amongst the rolling hills, where most of the land is either arable or pasture, lies a picturesque fruit farm. This part of the Parish has been recorded as ‘East Nynehead’ since at least 1836, and is recognised as a separate entity to the rest of Nynehead.

Ploughed field, with polytunnels, view beyond of East Nynehead
A view of Nynehead Fruit Farm can be seen behind a field of yellow flowers.
Nynehead Fruit Farm

Locals often stop to buy fresh raspberries & strawberries in the Summer & Autumn months. Fruit is available in small or large quantities. Typically the season for strawberries runs from mid-May until October and the season for raspberries runs from the end of May until November.

Rows of farmed strawberry plants, just starting to fruit and turn red in the sun.
Nynehead Fruit Strawberries
Raspberry canes growing inside a polytunnel, the fruit is turning red.
Nynehead Fruit Raspberries