Neighbourhood Watch

This scheme aims to reduce crime by directly involving the community in activities that promote safety or assist with the detection of crime.


IF IN DOUBT PHONE 999. Remember; 999 includes FIRE, POLICE and AMBULANCE

For all non-urgent matters call 101

For crime prevention advice call 01823 363210

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

Alec Reynolds

Police Watch Administrator

Lindsey Stone
01823 363348
Bridgwater Police Station

The Community Safety Team

01823 363210
Contact for security advice. They can provide information leaflets to suit your needs. If you have further queries speak to the officer by phone and if necessary they will arrange a free Crime Prevention Survey.

Neighbourhood Watch Guidelines

What you need to watch for:

A strange car or van parked in the road [no known offence]
Note the registration number at the time on an Incident Report Card, or other notepaper to hand – report to your Beat Manager, Crimestoppers or Watch Office.

A stranger knocking at the door
Electricity Board, Gas Board, Water Authority, Council and door to door sales people (Remember Official callers will normally have an appointment to see you). Ask for identification from the Official Callers or pedlar’s certificates from the persons selling at the door. Check the identification with the company concerned. If you think it is suspicious call 999. Remember the criminal can use this method to find out if you are in or out!

A stranger seen going to a neighbour’s house when you think they are out or away
If necessary, telephone another neighbour to check the householder is away.

If you suspect a crime is being committed or you think a crime is about to be committed ring 999. You are not expected to go out to investigate, just report to the police.

Going on holiday or away for a time
Tell your co-ordinator, use the leaflet “PEACE OF MIND WHILE YOU’RE AWAY”, also inform any neighbour you think should know.